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715 jewelry is one of the most unique stores you will ever come across. we believe in the sentimental value of every item we create. every item is handcrafted which allows us to customize your piece to make it speak to your heart and soul. Whether it be a mommy necklace that is hand stamped with your sweet babies names, or a fingerprint bracelet from your dearly missed granny, we create it just for you. We also repair or turn your heirloom jewelry into something wonderful you can wear to keep meaningful memories close to your heart. if your jewelry isn't quite your style anymore, we can use your gold, silver and gemstones to create a treasured piece that you'll love again! if you like your jewelry just the way it is, we want to help you preserve it by cleaning, checking and repairing it if needed.   Thank you for choosing to shop with us. we look forward to creating something special just for you! 

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engagement and wedding rings

we believe an engagement ring should fit your style, budget and your standards. we can make your ring out of your heirloom jewelry, an ethical gemstone diamond alternative or of course a traditional mined diamond.

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